What are the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism?

What’s the Best Treatment for Hypothyroidism?

What are the Causes of Hypothyroidism?

What is the Best Diet for Hypothyroidism?

What are the Dangers of Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy?

You will find the answers to all of these questions in this fabulous self help book, written by Naturopath and Nurse Vivienne Savill.

Hypothyroidism is an insidious disorder that affects a large number of our population, especially females over 45 years of age.

Hypothyroid symptoms are often misdiagnosed and can be the cause of many other health problems. For example hypothyroidism symptoms can include muscle pain, weight gain, depression and cholesterol imbalance. There are around 45 symptoms of hypothyroidism or low thyroid function.

The long term health risks of untreated low thyroid can be serious and that is why treatment for hypothyroidism is highly recommended, even at a subclinical level.


 How to Halt Hypothyroidism, Naturally gives you a proven treatment for hypothyroidism that helps you;

  • get your energy and zest for life back
  • lose excess weight
  • stop the hair loss
  • stabilize your abnormal cholesterol levels
  • get rid of your depression
  • decreases or stops unwanted aches and pains

How to  Halt Hypothyroidism, Naturally provides you with;

  •  The best treatment for hypothyroidism to correct hypothyroid  symptoms
  •  A natural treatment program to stop your hypothyroidism FAST
  • A treatment that corrects the causes of hypothyroidism, not just the symptoms
  • A guide to help you interpret your hypothyroid blood tests
  • Information about hypothyroidism in pregnancy
  • A guide to when borderline hypothyroidism treatment is useful
  • Treatment of hypothyroidism using readily available herbal supplements
  • Nutritional supplements for hypothyroidism that boost energy and correct the body’s imbalances
  • A natural treatment for depression and the other thyroid symptoms
  • A list of  foods for hypothyroidism that promote health
  • A list of  foods that decrease thyroid function
  • A diet for hypothyroidism with over 160 delicious & easy recipes
  • Knowledge about which lifestyle patterns  are triggering your slow  thyroid;
  • Lifestyle tools that help with your treatment of hypothyroidism.

Don’t Let This Insidious Disorder Take Away Your Zest For Life.

The Information in How to Halt Hypothyroidism, Naturally 

Will Empower You to Take Control of Your Life Again.

Here’s a peek at what your book contains.


Chapter One:   How Does the Thyroid Gland Work?
What is the Metabolic Rate
Examining the Thyroid
Normal Thyroid Function
The importance of T35
The Occurrence of Hypothyroidism
Subclinical hypothyroidism
Chapter 2: The Underactive Thyroid   
Asymptomatic Chronic Autoimmune Thyroiditis       
Hypothyroidism Signs and Symptoms                        
Hashimoto’s Disease
Wilson’s Syndrome
Chapter 3: Causes of Hypothyroidism      
Inadequate Conversion of T4 to T3           
Stress and Raised Cortisol Levels
Autoimmune Disease
Destruction of the thyroid
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic           
Neuroendocrine System (NES)         
Parathyroid Hormone and Thyroid Feedback
Estrogen Excess
Oxidative Stress
Mineral Deficiencies & Imbalances
Other Nutritional FactorsToxicity
Heavy Metals
Insulin Resistance
Parathyroid Antagonism
Gluten Intake
Post Pregnancy Hypothyroidism
Drugs and Reduction of Thyroid Expression
Chapter 4: Testing & Interpreting Tests
Blood Tests for Thyroid Function
Keeping a Record of Your Thyroid Test Result
Reference Range for Thyroid & Adrenal Bloods
Thyroid Blood Test Interpretation Guide
Temperature test
Hair Mineral Test
Iodine Uptake Scan
Thyroid Scan
Thyroid Ultrasound
Other Useful Tests
Insulin Resistance & Weight Gain
Cardiovascular Changes
Chapter 5  Complications of Hypothyroidism
Depression & Mood Disturbances
Anti-ageing Hormones
Digestive Symptoms
Muscular Symptoms                
Surgical Complications and Thyroid Function    
Pregnancy and Foetal Issues
Fertility & Reproduction
Chapter 6  Treatment of Hypothyroidism 
Addressing Each Side of the Health Triad                  
Correcting the Triggers of Hypothyroidism
Lifestyle Management of Hypothyroidism                   
Environmental toxins
Water Safety
Attaining a Health Body Weight
Stress Management
Medical Treatment of Hypothyroidism
Herbal Pharmacy for Thyroid Function
Herbal & Nutritional Pharmacy for Other Symptoms
Goitrogenic Foods and Thyroid Function
Brassica’s and Thyroid
Soy and Thyroid Function
Mineral  Deficiencies              
Dietary Guidelines
Foods that suppress thyroid function
Cereal and grain alternatives
Gluten flour alternatives             
Controlling Carbohydrate Content
Lunch                                                                                  Soup                                                                                  
Sauces and marinades                                                  
Pesto, spreads and dips                                                 Vegetables                                                                            Seafood                                                                                             Meat dishes                                                                       Drinks                                                                    

If you are serious about controlling your hypothyroidism symptoms  you need to identify your causes of hypothyroidism then TAKE ACTION.

Make no mistake, controlling this disorder takes commitment and perserverance on your part.

In fact healing will take many months.

But if you don’t take control now, your symptoms of hypothyroidism may get worse and your health will progressively deteriorate.

To kick start your health back into shape, you now have 2 options.

Firstly you can download How to Halt Hypothyroidism, Naturally and get instant access via a PDF download

Or if you want something you can put on your bookshelf for future reference, you can now purchase a hard copy.



Vivienne Savil - Recipe To Health

Naturopath and Registered Nurse

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