Eczema & Dermatitis

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At Last! A drug free, natural medicine treatment with proven result, is available to Cure Your Eczema Forever!

Forget the lotions and potions. Let me reveal how to turn off the triggers that cause your ugly flare ups.

Do you want to know:

  • Which natural substances will turn off your itch, FAST?
  • What nutritional deficiency is causing your problem?
  • The most common food allergies
  • What other foods to avoid and what to eat instead
  • The best cream ingredients to sooth & moisturize
  • How to balance your immune system to prevent allergies
  • How to identify your allergens
  • What to avoid in the work place
  • Which trees and plants will get you itching

Hi, my name is Vivienne Savill. I am a naturopath and nurse and would like to share with you the secrets I have learned since specializing in natural skin care. Throughout my career I have worked in main stream medical centers and more recently in my natural health clinic. Since specializing in treating skin conditions, I have found there is a real need for treatments that do not rely on drugs especially harmful steroids. This drug reliant approach masks the underlying triggers and really fixes nothing long term.

Outstanding results are regularly achieved at my clinic, without the use of drugs.

The good news is I am committed to helping as many people as possible….but you can’t all visit me in person. So for the first time I am making available my years of experience in working with people with skin conditions just like you.

I have gathered all the vital information that you need to know to restore your body’s good health and cure your eczema.

There are multiple factors which cause you to have a skin problem. For example;

  • immune imbalances;
  • nutrient deficiencies
  • allergies,
  • gut problems and more.

All the triggers and conditions that are contributing to your ill health are explained in a simple to understand format. But I don’t stop there. You also receive instructions on how to turn off the itch and inflammation. You will be walked through a simple dietary program which includes an Elimination Diet and recipes. Because there are known nutrient imbalances that make you prone to allergies and skin conditions I supply you with information about which nutritional and herbal supplements to take. You receive comprehensive information about how to make soothing and moisturizing creams and so much more………You name it, I have included it to ensure you get rid of your eczema fast and have the know-how and strategies to stop it coming back.

The information in Cure Eczema Forever is suitable for people from all walks of life, of all ages and nationalities. The guide is comprehensive with many pictures of different types of eczema and dermatitis to help you find out exactly what your problem is.

Cure Eczema Forever, allows me for the first time to share with you the secrets and simple steps that you can take, to turn your life around.

Hers a snapshot of what you will get for your investment in Cure Eczema Forever?

Snapshot of Cure Ezcema book by Vivienne Savil

Written by Vivienne Savill

Naturopath and Registered Nurse

Adv Dip Nat, BH Sci (Comp. Med)