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Vivienne Savill

(Diploma of Personal Care Formulation, Adv. Diploma Naturopathy, Bachelor Health Science Complementary Medicine, Reg. Nurse, Bachelor of Arts Leisure Management)

Hi. My name is Vivienne Savill and I am the author of the books found on this site. I am a Naturopath and a Registered nurse and have a Natural Health practice, Body, Mind & Soul Healthcare,  in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia.

Since starting work in the health industry some 25 years ago as a nurse, I have developed a passion for natural medicine and taking responsibility for one’s own state of being. Working in a main stream western health system taught me “how not to do things”. It made me realize that modern medicine is primarily about disease management and not preventative health care. I developed a firm belief that there had to be more to true health than taking pills and that all disease has an underlying nutritional deficiency or excess. This led me to study and learn about true nutrition and its intimate relationship with our bodily function.

More recently I have discovered my passion for writing and hence the development of this book series.

Since completing my studies as a Formulating Chemist in the personal care industry, I have also developed my own range of skin care products that are designed to treat problem skin conditions.

Please enjoy the site.

Vivienne Savil - Recipe To Health

Vivienne Savill
Naturopath and Registered Nurse
Reg Nurse, Adv Dip Nat, BH Sci (Comp. Med)